Stainability = MIT Policy + Equality and Diversity Policy + Corporate Social Responsibility
The pursuit of sustainability is the highest principle for every single enterprise. Blossom Fortune Ltd. is also on the way of pursing sustainability. First of all, the most visible thing is that we only sell MIT (Made In Taiwan) commodities to our clients around the world, and this is the core philosophy for our sustainability, on the other hand, because we pursue sustainability, so we only sell MIT commodities. Secondly, we emphasize equality and diversity. Equality and diversity are the foundations of all development of all kinds of possibility, without them, there is no arts, literatures, technologies, societies, civilizations, democracy, freedom and so on. Finally, the Corporate Social Responsibility, or from the aspects of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), and how Blossom Fortune Ltd. defines itself in CSR and ESG. We already have a very clear blueprint before we established Blossom Fortune Ltd.
MIT (Made In Taiwan) Policy
Blossom Fortune Ltd. only sell MIT commodities, that means we only export MIT commodities to the world. And this policy is 100% relevant to our sustainability. The reasons are:
  • Taiwan is democratic country with multicultural inclusive competitiveness. With abundant different industries manufacturing ability and capacity, Taiwan is the perfect supply chain center for this world.
  • Human rights is the highest principle under the rule of law in democratic Taiwan. Besides human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, labor’s rights and so on, all citizens, migrant workers, foreigners are all under protection in our society. Therefore, Taiwan is the right place of our resources and foundations.
  • The environmental protection concerns are the main topic in current Taiwan. For example, Taiwan government has been encouraging green energy in all aspects, like green energy startup project with financial aid, Tai Power transition to green energy project, and more and more environmental protection projects from public and private sectors are ready and going and completed. And complying environmental guidelines and regulations of EU or USA became the compulsory criteria. In this case, we are confident that our Taiwanese suppliers consent environmental protection and comply the requirements in doing business with us: we have only one Taiwan.
  • Taiwan is our home. We have to sustain our own competitiveness and competency as best as we can, and this is our duty. Regarding this duty, we have to demonstrate the beauty of MIT commodities to the world: quality, innovative, and trustworthy MIT products, which can express the vibrant creativity from Taiwan. On the other hand, we can directly and indirectly encourage the domestic industries development, increase domestic employment rate, and sustain domestic culture and tradition connecting generation by generation.
Equality and Diversity Policy
Blossom Fortune Ltd. aims to implement Equality and Diversity Policy that is included in our stainability framework. We respect all the differences from people, value the diversity as the sources of all kinds of creativity, and treat all stakeholders fairly regardless of age, sexuality, religion, nationality, race, background and other specifications surrounded us.

We treat all stakeholder equally, and all stakeholders can speak out whenever they need to express their opinions, concerns, suggestions, comments, complaints, unfair or injustice treatment and so on. Please directly write to:
We will handle all stakeholders’ email secretly and investigate it accordingly, then reach the best solution that this specific stakeholder agrees the solution as well.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Nowadays, every single enterprise needs to provide its Corporate Social Responsibility framework to public and its shareholders, it’s one of the mandates for investors to assess this enterprise. As far as Blossom Fortune Ltd. is concerned, Corporate Social Responsibility is included in our Sustainability framework that demonstrated a more completely, meaningfully and feasibly guidelines for a responsible enterprise.

Why do corporations have social responsibilities? We can have a precise definition from the professional point of view:
  • Corporations perceived as being socially responsible might be rewarded with extra and/or more satisfied customers, whilst perceived irresponsibility may result in boycotts or other undesirable consumer actions.
  • Similarly, employees might be attracted to work for, and even be more committed to, corporations perceived as being socially responsible (Greening and Turban 2000)
  • Voluntarily committing to social actions and programs may forestall legislation and ensure greater corporate independence from government.
  • Making a positive contribution to society might be regarded as a long-term investment in a safer, better-educated, and more equitable community, which subsequently benefits the corporations by creating an improved and stable context in which to do business.
    Business Ethics – Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten, Oxford University Press 2004, P.41-42

Therefore the importance of CSR are:
  • Corporations cause social problem and hence have a responsibility to solve those they have caused and to prevent further social problems arising;
  • As powerful social actors, with recourse to substantial resources, corporations should use their power and resources responsibility in society;
  • All corporate activities have social impacts of one sort or another, whether through the provision of products and services, the employment of workers, or some other corporate activity. Hence, corporation cannot escape responsibility for those impacts, whether they are positive, negative, or neutral;
  • Corporations rely on the contribution of a much wider set of constituencies, or stakeholders in society (such as consumers, suppliers, local communities), rather than just shareholders, and hence have a duty to take into account the interests and goals of these stakeholders as well as those of shareholders.
    Business Ethics – Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten, Oxford University Press 2004, P.42
Blossom Fortune Ltd. how to implement Corporate Social Responsibility, we would like to conduct by the criteria of ESG to define ourselves in CSR:
  • Air Pollution
  • Energy Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Package Design and Material
  • Biodiversity
  • Greenhouse Effect
How does Blossom Fortune Ltd. commit to Environment:
Our MIT policy secure us in Environment index. Taiwan government has implemented environmental protection infrastructures by all aspects, and there are more and more environmental protection relevant projects and plans executed from public and private sectors. Furthermore, more and more people and SMEs are willing to comply the requirements of this index. In summary, the whole climate fits the requirements of this index here in Taiwan.
  • Human Rights
  • Community Relations
  • Customer Welfare
  • Labor Relations
  • Wage and Welfare
  • Diversity and Inclusion
How does Blossom Fortune Ltd. commit to Social:
We are in a democratic country that values all kinds of human rights. And Taiwan is an organic society embedded the rule of law for protecting all stakeholders. In this case, we have to comply all the regulations and guidelines of Taiwan government in order to run business and manage enterprise in Taiwan. We have Equality and Diversity policy to demonstrate that we value and respect all the differences from all stakeholders and treat everyone equally without any biases.
  • Business Ethics
  • Procurement
  • Competition Behaviors
  • Incentive Measurement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Systematic Risk
How does Blossom Fortune Ltd. commit to Governance:
We have the Codes of conduct for both company and employees, and job descriptions and responsibilities precisely guide how to act as an employee in the office. Also, for the venues, company and employees are all under insurance coverage to secure personnel and property safety. Besides compulsory national labor and health insurance for employees, we also add the additional personnel, travel and traffic insurances for employees. We value our employee as our property, and design the internal incentive measurement matrix and staff development programs for all levels. MIT policy represents the feasible and sustainable supply chain management. In short, our sustainability framework includes our MIT policy, Equality and Diversity policy and CSR, that’s all about the Business Ethics from professional point of view.
Blossom Fortune Ltd. is sensible, pragmatic ethical and all-stakeholder-friendly company and committed to making a better world.