International Trading Business

International trading business is the foundation of Blossom Fortune Ltd., not only it is beneficial from the background of founder’s decades international trading business and global integrated marketing expertise, but also it is the quickest pathway to introduce the innovative, trustworthy and quality MIT commodities to the world.

Currently, we have developed 4 categories of International Trading Business, there are:

  • Medical Equipment & Devices
  • Skin Care & Cosmetics
  • Cultural & Creative Commodities
  • Fresh Fruit & Others

And we will continue to expand our categories and product lines, “once our clients ask, we will work it out.”

For Medical Equipment & Devices, Blossom Fortune Ltd. is the chartered business owner with Taiwanese government license of trading medical equipment & devices, based on fulfilling worldwide medical product requests and the universal value of saving lives, we need to provide the products and services from MIT medical equipment & devices suppliers to the world. It is our work, our responsibility, and most importantly, it is our duty.

Global Digital Marketplace

A digital marketplace focused on cultural and creative industries.

  • For Taiwanese Suppliers: a digital marketplace they can sell their cultural, creative goods to the world.
  • For Global buyers: a digital marketplace they can purchase the cultural, creative goods to sell in their channels.

It is a cutting-edge brand new marketplace that concentrates on cultural and creative goods, a stage for these unique and sophisticated made masterpieces to demonstrate, and a channel for commercial mechanism to operate.

Blossom Fortune Ltd. is determined to be the leading goat of accelerating the development of cultural and creative industries.

Cultural & Creative World News Exchange

In order to catch up worldwide cultural and creative industry trends, and broadcast Taiwanese cultural and creative industry goods and services, Blossom News Exchange is dedicated to report current industry trends, including culture, creativity, fashion, arts, culture education from different people, creative activities worldwide, and any news that fit in Blossom News spirit: positive, beautiful and creative lifestyle.

Branding Business

Applying Taiwan-made textures, apparel and materials, Blossom Fortune Ltd. has its own branding garments and accessories that are designed by Blossom Fortune designers. We want to promote Blossom Fortune Aesthetics, educate people how to wear and make themselves pretty, furthermore, remind people how to enjoy life and appreciate the beauty around us.

More than a garment, it’s a positive, beautiful lifestyle.