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Scalp Vein Set

For Medical Equipment & Devices, Blossom Fortune Ltd. is the chartered business owner with Taiwanese government license of trading medical equipment & devices, based on fulfilling worldwide medical product requests and the universal value of saving lives, we need to provide the products and services from MIT medical equipment & devices suppliers to the world. It is our work, our responsibility, and most importantly, it is our duty.

Scalp Vein Set - Standard


Connector: Luer Slip, Luer Lock
Sterile: EO Gas

Scalp Vein Set - Safety


Connector: Luer Slip, Luer Lock
Sterile: EO Gas

Scalp Vein Set Specification – Standard/Safety
Butterfly Color Needle Specification Tube Length
Gauge (mm) Length
Pink 18G (1.2mm) 3/4” (19mm) 12” (300mm)
Brown 19G (1.1mm)
Yellow 20G (0.9mm)
Green 21G (0.8mm)
Black 22G (0.7mm)
Light Blue 23G (0.6mm)
Red 24G (0.55mm)
Blue 25G (0.5mm)