Privacy Policy

Blossom Fortune Ltd., is a registered company in Taipei, Taiwan, and a charted business owner with Taiwanese government license, (hereinafter referred to as this website) is the official website of Blossom Fortune Ltd. This website shall only collect, process, and use users’ personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act, and is committed to respect and protect users’ personal data users left for business purpose and commercial analysis on this website, the Privacy Policy is below:

  1. This policy shall apply to the collection, process, utilization, and transmission of personal data while users are using the website services provided by Blossom Fortune Ltd., where personal data shall include the identification information collected while users are using this website services, and any identification information shared by Blossom Fortune Ltd. with its business partners. A privacy policy or statement shall supersede or supplement this Policy only when the privacy policy or statement is specific to a particular network or service.

  3. This website reserves the rights to modify or amend the content of this policy at any time in response to changes in circumstances or amendments to the law. Users should always check this website to update the knowledge of users’ rights and obligations. If users continue to use the service after this website modifies or amends this policy, users shall be deemed to have agreed to the modification and amendment of this policy.

  5. The personal data obtained by Blossom Fortune Ltd. is collected only for the specific purpose within the specific scope. And Blossom Fortune Ltd. will not provide any relevant information for any other third party or use it for any other purposes unless Blossom Fortune Ltd. needs to provide products or services for users or has obtained your prior consent in accordance with the law.
    • For responding users’ inquiries: Blossom Fortune Ltd. will respond any inquiries by users on this website via the contact information the users left on this website.
    • For marketing or advertising and so on: Blossom Fortune Ltd. will regularly or irregularly update products and services information, promotion and marketing campaigns’ press to users via emails, phone calls and any other acceptable business contact platforms.

  7. Once users shall use the images or contents on this website, please contact Blossom Fortune Ltd. before users act, do not copy and download the logos, images, contents and etc. without Blossom Fortune Ltd.’s official agreement and consent, Blossom Fortune Ltd. shall protect and defend its intellectual property and legal rights via necessary lawsuits and actions.

  9. This website will also automatically receive and record the server values on users’ browser, including the Internet Protocol (IP Address), the information stored by Blossom Fortune Ltd. in the cookies, and the web history that users request.

  11. Blossom Fortune Ltd. shall seriously protect users’ personal data under Personal Data Protection Act, however no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed 100% secure. Therefore, the security of the data transmission process is relevant to the quality of users’ internet access environment, this website cannot guarantee that the data you transmit or receive over this website is 100% secure. Please acknowledge that users must bear the risk of data transmission over the Internet.

  13. This website would revise the privacy policy once Blossom Fortune Ltd. would act. If users have any questions about the Privacy Policy of this website, or anything relevant to your personal data and information, please contact for further assistance. Blossom Fortune Ltd. reserves the rights to make, amend, update and interpret this Privacy Policy.

  15. This Privacy Policy shall be promulgated and effective on August 1st, 2021.